We promote careers

We offer training courses and seminars for professionals and managers who want to expand their skills to in-depth knowledge of IT methods. We design our trainings according to requirements and tasks by our customers. Practical and user-friendly, both in content and didactics.


Certified expertise guarantees a project delivery in uniform, transparent and recognized standards. Certifications allow you to put their know-how and competence to understand the test. For many projects and activities certifications have become an important entry condition.

Requirements Engineering

Seminar contents range from identifying, structuring and documentation to check and manage changes. In-depth seminars offer techniques of requirements management for analysts, project managers, product managers and quality managers.

Certification: IREB® CPRE® Foundation and Advanced Level

Project Management

Professional IT project management with appropriate methods and tools and knowledge of state of the art software development processes ensure project success. Our seminars go into details, where classical PM seminars stop, namely in the concrete application of PM methods particularly for complex IT projects.

Agile Methods

New development paradigms also require a new approach in requirements engineering and project management. This is where proven and progressive approaches get into conflict wich each other in organizations. We show you how to achieve the maximum benefit by connecting both worlds.

Business Analysis

Because business processes are increasingly automated through IT solutions, it is important to understand in detail the technical requirements and business processes in order to optimize them based on the possible IT solutions. In these seminars, you will learn the analysis, optimization and modeling of business processes and the goal-oriented elaboration of the business requirements.

Certification: IIBA® CCBA®

Project sponsors

As a project sponsor you rely on the capabilities of the supplier or contractor. In order to enable project sponsors to control and steer their suppliers, you learn in these seminars how to setup and monitor the progress and check the quality of the results.

SW Architecture

Basic and advanced concepts and methods for the design, documentation and quality evaluation of system and software architectures. These seminars are designed to learn system and software architects the practical methods for their daily business.

Certification: iSAQB® Foundation and Advanced Level

UML Modeling

Mastering the international language of professional software architects. These seminars are designed for software architects who want to belong to the top.

Certification: OMG® OCUP® Fundamentals and Intermediate

Enterprise Architecture

Integrate business objectives and processes with IT architectures at a strategic level in a holistic approach. These seminars, they not only learn how to transform business strategies into IT solutions, but also how to represent these complex relationships efficiently.

Certification: iSAQB® Advanced Level

Business Mobility / Business Apps

Perform the analysis, design, construction and the rollout of mobile solutions for important internal or customer-related business processes. These seminars are designed for all that use mobile applications and apps to leverage their corporate strategy.